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Order Kits Online 1974 Ford F100 360v8 propane conversion
Make your old truck reliable again!
Benefits of our Propane Conversion Kit
 Propane Conversion Kit on a Chevy Vortec 4.3 Engine
  • All brand new equipment
  • Comes with all hoses and fittings
  • No maintenance
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Full tech support with instructions
  • Easy installation geared towards the DIY installer with basic skills and tools
  • Extremely safe
  • Runs on any angle
  • No electronics or fuel pumps
  • 100 to 110 octane
  • Does not go bad if not used
  • Automatically compensates for altitude
  • Removable tanks for easy refilling
  • Runs excellent in all climates (we are in Arizona, and have customers in Alaska)
  • Very tolerant to stalling (will not stall unless you stall it)
  • Restarts instantly after a stall
  • Complete kits, except the tank itself.
  • There is no loss in power!, even on bone stock engines! We are vehicle conversion specialists and drive what we sell.
Our Shop Trucks
Our shop truck has been running on our propane kit for the last 16 years on the same propane kit! It gets used almost every weekend except summer (We are out of Phoenix). We run the most difficult trails without problems because drivability is never an issue with our propane kit. We run what we sell!
A very long climb that you can not stall on or you might die!
These are for carbureted, non-emissions vehicles. We do not have conversions for late model, fuel injected cars and trucks! (No place to put a forklift tank and newer cars have lots of electronics and computers.)
These also do great in Mud!



This is a perfect example of the propane's ability to run at any angle. This really is a picture of my truck driving on it's side in one of the nastiest local trails. Believe it or not, things are actually going really well in this picture. Without the propane kit this trail would have been impossible for me. This is a Toyota 22R engine on propane.

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Finally an alternative to carburetor problems and rotten fuel!
These are an excellent alternative to a fuel injection conversion.
These are designed to withstand years of use and abuse without ever needing a thing!

Conquer extreme angles without fear of stalling! No fear of fuel spilling in a roll. NO LOSS OF POWER!!
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We like to use forklift tanks for safety and easy refilling; they come in 8 or 10 gallon sizes. They are D.O.T. approved, have a gauge built in, and pull liquid propane which is a must for a proper conversion.

For steet conversions we recommend finding the larger Motor Fuel tanks used at a wrecking yard. They must come out of a vehicle running propane. They are very expensive new and inexpensive used.

Our kits are geared toward carbureted, non emissions controlled vehicles.
We also do airport equipment and stationary engines.

Please do not call us regarding fuel injected car, SUV, and newer street legal vehicles (88 and up). They are computer controlled and conversions are complicated and expensive for those. The carbureted propane conversion kits can be installed by the do it your selfer with basic tools and mechanical knowledge.
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Propane Powered Land Cruiser
Propane Powered Air Plane Tug
Propane Tug in Cold Climate.
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