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We’ve taken years to perfect our propane conversion kits. Our kits are an excellent alternative to carburetor problems and rotten fuel. Anyone looking for an alternative to fuel injection should consider the GotPropane solution. Designed and engineered to withstand years of use and rigorous off-road abuse while never asking a thing in return, these kits are built to last so all you need to do is hammer the gas pedal!

Frequently Asked Questions

The computer systems in fuel injected vehicles do not work with the propane systems. Our kits are designed to eliminate wiring. There is no way to make a newer vehicle work without tampering with the computer. By law it is illegal to tamper with a newer vehicle to make a street legal conversion. The computers control ignition timing, auto transmissions, and emissions control. We don’t have a way to certify our kits either. It is tens of thousands to get a kit certified. And it only covers the one model and engine size. So it is not legal, very complicated , and very expensive to do.

Yes, in fact, it is much safer than gasoline. Due to the safety regulations mandated by the government, when these kits are installed in a proper manner it is very unlikely that you would ever have a safety-related concern. We are very familiar with these standards and used to convert government vehicles exclusively.

The tanks are made to withstand tremendous damage without rupturing. In the event that an overpressure situation occurs, a pressure relief device (PRD) would let out just enough to lower the pressure. The fuel that escapes is vented to atmosphere and quickly dissipates. Because of it’s high octane rating it would be very hard to ignite (the higher the octane rating the harder it is to light). Due to the fact there is no float bowl or flimsy tank, if you were to hit severe angles it will not spill. Bottom line: no spill and no fire.

How many times have you seen a guy roll or tip and see gas spilling all over? We’ve all seen it and maybe even a fire or two. The safety systems make propane a lot safer than gasoline in many ways. There are no float bowls to flood. There is no gas tank to leak. There is no fuel pump to go bad. You will never get stranded because of your fuel system.

That depends on where you are getting it. Propane will cost more at smaller filling stations because they are used to filling BBQ grill bottles. However, if you buy it as a motor fuel the taxes and price is usually much lower than regular unleaded at the gas station. Right now we are paying about $2.45 a gallon.I recommend calling your local propane distributor first.

NO! In fact, propane is on the light end of the hydrocarbon scale, meaning there is almost no carbon in it. Carbon is what turns your motor oil black. As a result of using a propane system, your oil will stay clean in a new engine and will get cleaner each time on an existing engine. Because propane goes into the engine as a vapor, there is no “raw” fuel entering the cylinders, which washes past the piston rings and into the oil. This is a major reason propane engines last about three times as long as a gasoline engine.

Propane will not burn the valves. On older engines without hardened valve seats,this used to be a problem.Even this wasn’t a problem until tons of miles were accumulated.On engines designed to run unleaded-no worries.

This is one of the great features of our Propane Kit. Once the kit is installed and tuned, it will require no maintenance except visual inspections and air filter cleaning. We use upgraded silicone diaphrams and gaskets to ensure years of trouble free operation.

All of our kits are designed to make as much if not more power than the original carburetor. By using the right sized equipment for the right motor, this is possible. Once you have the kit on you will notice how smooth the drive-ability is.I have been known to turn down the idle to 250 rpm just to show how well the propane mixes with the air. Also, the engine will recover much easier from a near stall. Just when you think it has stalled, it surprises you and comes back to life!

Propane automatically adjusts to altitude; this means no re-jetting. If you run EFI you have to take your truck on a good cruise to “relearn itself”. This can take all weekend on a trail rig.

How many times have you seen a guy roll or tip and see gas spilling all over? We’ve all seen it and maybe even a fire or two. The safety systems make propane a lot safer than gasoline in many ways. There are no float bowls to flood. There is no gas tank to leak. There is no fuel pump to go bad. You will never get stranded because of your fuel system.

On the 258 jeeps and Toyota motors,we have seen a noticeable power increase!

It varies, On average you will use about a 10 percent more than you are using now. This is for a street driven vehicle. Offroad they get better mileage than gasoline. Many times you can feel a definite increase in power. There is no raw fuel falling out of suspension or puddling in the intake, which is efficiency loss. We take great care to ensure every kit performs as good as it possibly can. We do not use undersized equipment or restrictive adapters. In fact, on some kits we manufacture our own adapters to ensure the right size mixer is used. Many stock engines actually gain power running these kits

The rule of thumb is that you will lose 10 percent of your fuel mileage on a street conversion.

We run a stock 22r all day on the trail (8 hour day of hard wheeling) on 4 to 5 gallons. The turbo truck uses about 6 to 7 gallons. You can figure that it will use about a gallon more per day than you are using now. If you are worried about running out, you can get a 10 gallon tank or find a larger motor fuel tank.

Jeep 258 mileage seems to be around 13mpg. That is with full width axles and lifted.

Hardcore rock crawlers are using on average 3 gallons LESS of fuel per day!

Our kits come with tank brackets, all fuel lines and fittings, bulkhead with safety valve, fuel filter, solenoid, regulator, mixer, water lines and heater hose taps, air and breather filters, any custom adapters, and instructions.

All of the parts in our kits are D.O.T. certified and will allow a safe installation.Everything is there to make sure you can complete a conversion without stopping to go to the store to get missing parts. All of our kits have been thoroughly tested and refined to make the most power.

Our kits do not include the tank. Everyone wants something different.I can send brand new ones.

This is a Toyota kit. The other kits have similar equipment.

There is only one way other companies can cost less than our kits, either by leaving parts out or providing equipment much smaller than what we supply in our kits. We also upgrade our regulators and mixers to silicone diaphragms and seals. This is an extremely important upgrade and is not worth downgrading to save a few dollars. It triples or more the service life of the equipment.

If you are considering buying a used propane kit, we have some info and advice: First, only consider a system that is in working order, and you can hear it run. It has to have been taken off in good working order. If it’s not the right kit for your engine or it’s mismatched components, it may be a complete waste of money. If you buy components that need to be rebuilt or upgraded, you might find that you have close to the cost of a new kit and things still are not right.
If it is a used Gotpropane kit, we highly suggest getting the instructions from the person you bought it from. There are a lot of guys claiming it’s our stuff and it’s not. They are also your tech support person. We can no longer tech support or send instructions to each and every guy that requests this. Part of a new kit is the instructions and tech support. None of our phone calls are short. If you buy a new kit, we are there to make sure that everything works properly and that you are satisfied.