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*some kits may vary slightly from illustrations above.

Weber 2 Barrel Carb Propane Conversion Kit Over 120hp

*some kits may vary slightly from illustrations above.

Discover the ultimate solution to carbureted engine dilemmas with our state-of-the-art conversion kits, tailored specifically to fit your Weber carburetor bolt pattern. Our kits boast an effortless bolt-on installation and a straightforward tuning process that will revitalize your engine’s performance. Say goodbye to the stumbling and fuel issues that plague traditional carbureted systems. Prepare to be amazed by the seamless operation and enhanced power of your engine. Our customers consistently report noticeable power gains, a testament to the transformative potential of our kits. This kit works for vehicles over 120hp.

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12 feet of fuel line is included with this kit. If you would like more fuel line, please enter the amount of feet extra that you would like.

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Unleash the full potential of your engine with our cutting-edge propane conversion kit, a direct replacement for traditional 2 barrel Weber carburetors. Embrace the power of propane to provide your engine with a cleaner, more sustainable fuel option, all while achieving superior performance and fuel efficiency. Our kit is engineered for an exact fit, promising a straightforward installation and flawless operation.

Key Features:
  • Broad Vehicle Compatibility: Crafted to accommodate a wide variety of vehicles with carburetors. Our kit guarantees a versatile fit and optimal performance enhancement.
  • Simplified Installation: With easy-to-follow instructions, the conversion process is made accessible for both amateurs and seasoned professionals.
  • Eco-Friendly Fuel Alternative: Transitioning to propane significantly reduces your vehicle’s emissions, thanks to its cleaner combustion that emits fewer greenhouse gases compared to conventional fuels. This also means that your engine oil stays cleaner between changes keeping your engine running cooler and increasing the longevity of internal moving parts. No more smelling like Gas after going for a ride!
  • Cost Efficiency: The affordability of propane over gasoline or diesel, combined with the decreased maintenance demands of propane-fueled engines, delivers considerable long-term savings. No maintenance is required for this kit other than cleaning your air filter. And since propane doesn’t go bad like gasoline does, you can let your vehicle sit without worrying about rotting tanks and gummed-up engines.
  • Enhanced Performance: By adopting propane, you not only contribute to a healthier planet but also get increased performance benefits. Our propane conversion kits offer unmatched reliability, safety, and sustainability compared to running gasoline. No more flooded or starved carburetors, just consistent fuel delivery no matter if you are cruising on a country highway or rock crawling. Most of our kits will actually improve your overall performance and drivability.

Engineered with top quality components, our conversion kit includes everything needed for a comprehensive upgrade: precision-engineered fittings, high-grade hoses, an upgraded regulator, and step-by-step installation guidance. By making the switch to propane, you’ll benefit from a cleaner engine oil and internal components, reduced emissions, and lower maintenance costs, thanks to the reduced carbon deposits and wear on engine components. The higher octane of propane compared to traditional gasoline results in a more complete combustion, delivering not just noticeable power improvements but also a smoother ride and enhanced throttle responsiveness.

Ideal for different applications, from daily commuting to performance driving, our propane conversion kit offers a smart, efficient way to operate your engine. Make the switch today and experience the difference in performance, efficiency, and clean burning with our superior propane conversion solution.


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  • Regulator
  • Mixer
  • Fork Lift Tank Coupler
  • Bulkhead Assy with pressure relief device
  • Propane Liquid Line (12ft included)
  • Solenoid Assy w/ Built in Fuel Filter
  • Air Filter
  • Breather Filter
  • Coolant Y's (2)
  • Heater Hose
  • Vapor Hose
  • Adapter gasket and hardware
  • 2-Barrel Throttle Body

NOTE: Kits do not include propane tanks.

Measure the mounting plate as diagramed here. From center to center on each length and width should measure 5 1/2" and 3 1/2" respectively.

Check your throttle axis (the line the butterfly of the carburetor pivots). This kit fits an X-axis as standard. We currently do not have an adapter for Y-axis setups.

Average time for install on this kit is 3-4 hours. Install times will vary based on mechanic skill level.

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